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My name is Nicolas Magand and I live in Paris, France. I work as a social media and engagement editor at the Global Editors Network, a non-profit aimed at promoting innovation and sustainability in the news industry. Here I blog mostly about tech and media, but many other topics can face my enthusiasm.

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The definitive minimalist ressource on minimalism

Carl MH Barenburg, writing on his blog about the concept and ideas behind mnmllist, a new curated collection of links and minimalism-inpired products, books, fashion items, &c.:

I decided to create the ultimate bookmark for minimalism enthusiasts, including everything from books, bikes, clothing, furniture, to technology. All presented in a clear, well-structured, and unobtrusive categorised list of text links. Created in collaboration with web developer Manu Moreale, we launched Mnmllist.

It lists only 3 items per category, but each category can be expanded to display more links if we’ve got round to adding them.

Wonderfully designed, exquisitely curated, perfectly named. Definitely one of my favourite websites, and also one of the smartest URLs out there.