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My name is Nicolas Magand and I live in Paris, France. I work as a social media and engagement editor at the Global Editors Network, a non-profit aimed at promoting innovation and sustainability in the news industry. Here I blog mostly about tech and media, but many other topics can face my enthusiasm.

The year 2000, imagined by an illustrator in the year 1899

Terrifying, weird, yet somehow cute and completely nuts. The illustrations by French artist Jean-Marc Côté are very intriguing to say the least. Originally painted for cigar boxes or postcards, the En l'an 2000 pictures were never distributed. The story of these illustrations gets even more interesting when you know that they were only made famous 86 years later when a writer bought the postcards and used the drawings to accompany his words. The name of this writer: Isaac Asimov.

That whale-bus though.

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