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My name is Nicolas Magand and I live in Paris, France. I work as a social media and engagement editor at the Global Editors Network, a non-profit aimed at promoting innovation and sustainability in the news industry. Here I blog mostly about tech and media, but many other topics can face my enthusiasm.

On the latest Microsoft Surface devices

Mike Murphy, writing for Quartz:

Microsoft might be looking to give consumers a computer it believes delivers the full Windows 10 experience, much like Google does with its Nexus devices. Wired argued that the Surface Book will “redefine how PCs are made,” and that other Windows computer manufacturers should be worried. Apple has had great success marketing high-quality (and high-margin) computers in recent years, even as the market shrinks, and Microsoft could be looking to do for Windows what Apple does for its own operating system.

Microsoft has always been great at hardware. Their keyboards and mice were among the best and they always had pretty innovative designs. It is nice to see them replicating this quality into computers (when I say computer I mean PCs and tablets; the smartphone hardware, while interesting, is not as good in my opinion – still more Nokia than Microsoft).

Nice to see they improved the trackpad technology too, which was my main complaint about my Surface Pro 2 (which I overall loved, except for the Windows 8 part which was OK, not great).

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